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About us...

Hello Folks... Welcome!

English&Coffee&More is a networking café for people who love coffee while having English conversation in a very relaxed atmosphere. More than that, this is a place to go to make friends from different age group with diversed field of interest regardless of nationality,  over a cup of coffee (or six). Lol!

We want to have a chat with everyone in Japanese (but our level is worse than a beginner); and we have learned that a lot of Japanese want to learn English! So, how about we hang out, learn from each other and have fun?

We love English and we love coffee too! Put them together with a bunch of interesting people, and there you go! A perfect combination in a perfect moment!^^

As the saying goes, "Coffee and friends make the perfect blend."  So see you soon!


The Organizers


Apart from facilitating conversation coffee parties, the Global Cafe also offers English coaching/classes for individuals, groups, or businesses.

Language Coaches of Global Cafe (by English Lioness League)

Aside from pleasing appearance (hah!^^) Language Coaches of the Global Cafe serve as role models to students in learning English. They were once learners of the English language and found their way to success. They experienced the challenges of learning English and were able to turn things around.

Medgyes (1992) stated that “only non-native teachers can serve as imitable models of the successful learner of English”  (p.346).

Let us Help You

English is, indeed, a language. But to be able to effectively use a language, one must be confident enough to speak it. He should be confident enough to express himself clearly without hesitations, and that’s exactly what the Global Cafe's English Coaches turn you into: become communicatively confident in using English.


The Japanese are naturally shy-type individuals and are usually hesitant to express themselves because they are afraid to commit mistakes.

For example, when a gaijin asks “How can I get to the station?” - though the Japanese speaker understands it, he, on the other hand may not be able to give a verbal answer. They understand the phrase but lack confidence in expressing. Now that’s where we step in.

We may use a textbook or any reading material in every session; or depending on the program the student would wish to have.

1 Chome-17-14 Uehara Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 151-0064
101 Uehara House, 1 Chome-17-14 Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to 151-0064